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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  November 26, 2010 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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un-american. >> what are your hopes for this election? >> i agree with what is happening. i give third world talks every day and people are coming together so they can right now alleviate some of the pain out there. [inaudible conversations] >> high. >> we were just saying -- >> thank you for coming. >> we wouldn't have missed it. >> we got your book. [inaudible conversations] >> look at you. >> we've got a new acquisition regiments. he wasn't that that just joined
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you? i congratulated him. [inaudible conversations] >> this is what all the stylish women in washington where. >> thank you. >> i've moved to new york, but i'm still alive. i still have my home in l.a., but i'm here a lot. >> righted with an accent. >> they're both over here. [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] >> matthew. >> it is a pleasure. >> two years ago he lost his job in southland. >> port then. >> he decided to write a book. >> to help allow? we've got time to help. we've got time to help because were not working. >> will look at the resume. >> no, they don't. nothing does. >> i just had 15 cameramen. >> right, right. >> nobody can tell except for the guys in charge. >> that's very true. very true. >> in a new market, they catch
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up to china and transportation, which is nothing is greater than the rail road. one dream, resell the american railroad. no more flying over the country. [inaudible conversations] >> take the train. [laughter] >> he's going to win. >> nobody is going to believe he hired someone to illegally documented. nine years of never having a conversation or whether she's legal and not.
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she's my family, but we never asked her. bpr right? you need anything. >> you probably came on the first. >> you get paid more. [inaudible conversations] >> they live on the block in
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georgetown. >> arianna. [inaudible conversations] >> you had a long day, but you got here. >> that's fantastic really. >> is really hard >> that's what i figured. >> you obviously have been higher enough spam as well. [inaudible conversations] >> i was at the festival five years ago. [inaudible] they let like to absolutely
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unbridgeable worlds. >> and the next bank that goes is the broadcast is going to split up in this way, so it's inevitable. >> i wouldn't hesitate, but it is nice to see you. [inaudible] >> anytime someone brings up family, of course don't do it. [inaudible conversations] >> anytime, i'm there.
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>> okay. >> arianna huffington, dylan ratigan. tell us what you think of the book and i do think she's doing? >> arianna is a standard for every day for watching anything that's happening truly. you are a model for a way to be. not just a way to think or way to do. i think what the book represents is the book, while it's incredibly critical of certain aspects of the way were running the country come in the ultimately uses and complements you for using the energy and criticism which is very valid to try to start a path toward solution, towards bridge building as opposed to just using it as a way to foster undeveloped anger, on channeled anger that is ultimately destructive to the country. [inaudible] >> -- how did that come about?
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>> i would about siouxsie and the book under the title sandra -- [inaudible] and have been talking about her and about seth reams. so it was great that dylan put them together. [inaudible conversations] [applause] >> thank you. thank you. though, i'm actually not tear to confront, but i am here to deal with reality. and i'm going to give you a little bit of reality before we begin. i'll start with my own reality and then we'll talk about yours. based on most of the polling, myself and where is chris mathews? i saw him out there somewhere.
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we are all about get fired. they don't like the media. so, the unemployment problem is about to get worse in the media. i do like the politicians that much either. in fact, i don't care much for anybody in this backyard last i checked. so, our objective tonight is to keep our jobs, starting with my own. but how do we do that? well, i got my job by yelling at everybody. maybe people in this room. but i don't think i'm going to be able to keep my job by yelling at anybody from this point forward. in fact, yelling that anybody about anything seems a lousy way to solve a problem. and in the context of arianna being here with her book represents to me. and i think you get a chance to look at it, arianna is very gracious mesh doesn't ask
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everybody to read your book. she just asked everybody to read the last 30 pages of her book. and there's a reason for that, that is while a lot of this book goes to a lot of problems in this country and problems that we have structurally and agree her 30s those last 30 pages really speak to the solutions that need to be pursued as a group in this country. so again, i'll start with myself. instead of looking at those that they view as the problem, i look in the mirror and look at myself as the problem. and what i mean when i say that is, the way that i choose to relate to the people in my life, specifically in the context of my profession and specifically in the context of the way of relate to people i disagree with the most, goes directly to my ability to actually be beneficial in the way that i spend those days. and that has been an incredible
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process for me as i've navigated my way to my new role as political pain in the ass 10:00 a.m., to try and do it the way the new phrase we've been using on our staff in honor show come with the culture of building bridges and not most. and one of the things i think owes most to that is an ability to go top resolve and understand the need and necessity for resolution in your own life and in the decision sunday make it on my own life and we make in our own minds, such that we know what the lighthouses, and i would like to get to. and we understand the necessity of going in that direction through whatever the weather may be. and at the same time, have the awareness that a man of us are right all the time. most of us are not right most of the time.
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and even when we are right, it being right doesn't necessarily solve the problem. and i think that last one is the biggest one. because a lot of people, myself included, will frequently recite back on their -- the fact that they are correct. and they know that their assessment of the whatever it is, and you may well know that but to take that path, which i think is really like it said represented in the solution chapter a arianna has presented, not only in this book, but the solution mission that arianna is currently leading, recruiting people like myself, susie buffett, seth reams, everyone in this backyard, anybody else honestly she can get her hands on. arianna i joke is like the grown-up playground that grabs your hand and drags you into the field even if you don't want to go. she's like we've got to do this. the most critical point from all of it, though, and from this
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book, for my own navigation, from what i want to share with you in this regard is the imperative for all of us, regardless of who we are and where we are and all the rest of us to give up the concept of us and them and to adapt the concept of us as a problem-solving mechanism and as a way to be as opposed to just the thing to do. and nothing captured that more than earlier today when we had arianna on the show, along with susie buffett who is warren stoddard and seth reams, who is the founder and operator of an organization called we've got time to hell. and said they feared we'll hear from him in a second. i was talking to said earlier. and i said coming to feel like you have a lot in common with the daughter of the world's richest man? and obviously, none of us -- i
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don't feel like i have a lot in common in my mind with the daughter of the world's richest man. but i think that can speak to this and i'll speak to it. spending time with the daughter of the world's richest man, you're not spending time with the daughter of the world's richest man. or spending time with someone with a value system to expand outside of their domain because they know that it must be done. and the other point that arianna has been so emphatic in his the concept has been okay with yourself and then having that vote that at the very least you are protected from whatever's happening is no longer adequate, unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, for what were going to have to navigators group in one way or another over the next decade or so. and without that, i would like to bring you up. they could, arianna, come into office at this navigation. i'd also like to get seth reams back here to talk about not only
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are upper tier, but how many were people assume could be dragged onto the playground to hell. without further ado, arianna h reams.on and set [applause] >> thank you so much, dylan. thank you said for being here. thank you all for coming and thank you were wonderful hosts. thank you so much for the reclusive tammy had bad. i feel so grateful that we got up out of her shell finally. thank you so much, ted. tammy and hillary were getting ready in the living room. i fell asleep on the bed while everything was going on. and this is just a family feeling at tammy and hillary and i have had for a long time now. and thank you so much for opening up your backyard. we're having our own obama backyard politics.
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and thank you to all of the wonderful cohost, john, greta and in the bed and franco and alex. and sally, thank you also much for coming here. and dylan, thank you for what you said because you and i have been to this journey together and wafers wandered over and grab what was happening. i should've channeled my anger into writing "third world america." i mean, the title itself shows how anger again about what happens to the country, what happened to the middle class, what happened to the 26 million people out of work or underemployed, what has happened to the 3 million people who are losing their homes this year, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. and at some point, in a deeper way, we reached the same conclusion, which is that's not going to get us anywhere and that right now this country is in deep crisis, much deeper than we fully realize.
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and we really have a moment of choice. we can channel that anger into dividing and demonizing and scapegoating and that's happening already all around us. and that will destroy us. and we acknowledge it as it's perfectly legitimate. and the channel it into building our communities, rebuilding their lives and building bridges, not votes. some of the course of my doing research for the book, i discovered we've got time to help, which is founded by seth who is here. seth lost his job as a concierge in portland. and after failing multiple job applications and and not get a job and not getting depressed he decided that the one thing he had to he hadn't abandoned with time. he created literally we've got time to explains for people who were largely out of work, although you didn't have to be out of
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work, could come together to help people in need. and the need would be people who say i'm pregnant and i need to go for 90 want to help me. it was as basic as that. and it could be childcare for the night. it could be anything. and fast and the network that he put together in the way he used social media, made it possible to hell. but he didn't just help. he found himself as someone contributing to the world. and one of the big problems is that he's not just a financial issue. it's a deeply psychological issue. so i wrote about that in my book. and at the other end i wrote about susie buffett in my book because she and i have had a deep conversation over dinner in des moines, iowa of all places
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one night when she was talking about how she sees omaha in her backyard. so all the money of the foundation is being spent in omaha. whatever the problem is, laboratories closing, a teenage girls getting pregnant, she is there to help. >> how did she help with that? >> how she did is quite interesting. she decided to give the money to go to the mall and don't get pregnant, which is very practical and not likely to produce a congressional earmark, right? so, seth from south to susie the idea of where we are, whether we are out of work or whether we have trillions of dollars, is the time right now in our nations history, despite the airplane going overhead, to start it up, to step up to the plate and do our part. so, i want sad to say something. i want to thank dylan for
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putting on the shelf a couple of weeks ago. and i talk about that they've been on this book to work and jon stewart and bill marr. tonight he has been inundated with requests to actually help them start branches they are. in the bottom line about that is that instead of focusing on the deficits and our shortages, we can also start focusing on our sacrifices and what we have in abundance, an abundance of time an abundance of skills we are not using and an abundance of resources. and in fact, we've started a not-for-profit right here that we can raise money to help them build an infrastructure to help him help others start for the started. and the idea is little by little, well for fighting the political battle about the role of government, about what we need to do to create jobs to build our infrastructure, we can also be channeling our energy
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and our frustration into a building. and that is something that will change what is happening. america can be countered to do the right thing when and only when it has exhausted all other possibilities. and now we have exhausted all other possibilities and it's time to do the right thing and fastest part of that right thing. [applause] >> thank you. i am not nearly as eloquent as my cohorts appear. >> but we are your co-hurts. >> yes, we all -- every single person standing here tonight has something -- has something to offer to the rest of the country. everyone, whether it be by when
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somebody's yard for lending a hand moving or just an ear, we get so many e-mails and calls from people that just need to tell their story. they need somebody to hear the pain in their lives. we all have had to offer. every single one of us. i don't care who you are or what you do, how much time you have. an incoming yes, we've got time to. but we all have time to. and there is, as arianna and dylan spoke earlier, there is a surplus in this country. we just need to harvest it. there is a surplus of skills, of time, as many, of everything. there is a surplus and yet we have millions withering and that's not okay. and we need to change that. we can change that. so we harvest does time, these skills of mostly unemployed
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people. we have everything from ceos to unemployed people writing us, saying none of that time. because everybody realizes that they've got time. and together, without the government, without the states in the cities and the panels and the committees, we can change everything with our time and our skills. and that's what we like to do with we've got time. [applause] >> thank you. congratulations. i think actually when i get fired, there will be an opening. >> your lifetime. >> alla time to help a new can job. one of the things that was done this evening as you surely know, was the solicitation for ats. and things that can be done with time. here, how this microphone.
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and arianna and i went through some of these ideas. and just to get a sense of this, should we repeal the intended use about these ideas. the intention that the selection of ideas is to create a custom page on the "huffington post" and watch what we called the adopt an idea program, where the ideas from this particular gathering and other surely can be submitted subsequently will be posted on the "huffington post" that we would use our joint flashlights, is what we like to call them, which we point the flashlights? the tv show and obviously the "huffington post" and all the other appearances, to solicit people to look at the list of ideas. maybe they're a part-time job, but maybe it's time to work the library. baby don't have time to help, please time to cook in the kitchen. and we're going to ask people to adopt these ideas and push more ideas than that we can get out of the business of feeling like we are powerless to deal with
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these problems and empowered to address these problems. can i ask you one question really quickly because one thing that mr. ney, not just been watching and getting to know you said, but so many others who made the decision to live outside of their own bubble as their own choices and that those who do that tend to become happier. it's not just that those who make the decision to live outside of the bubble feel better or can lord it over their friends because they help another people don't, that the actual personal satisfaction another given lives of who makes an effort to break through the inertia of the boat, to build a bridge actually leads to a greater sense of personal satisfaction. i'm curious whether you found that to be the case yourself. >> completely, completely. anytime you do something for anyone else, it's a boost to your well-being,.
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we have people writing us that three quarters the way through their 15 paragraph e-mail, we think what are they going to ask for because it is i have lost this, i have lost this, i've lost this, i've lost this. at the end of the e-mail, they say, but you know what, i want to. they don't ask us for anything. they want to hope, even though they lost their house for their cart for their child. they've lost everything. but yet they still want to help. they realize how much help it somebody else about recognizing that somebody else is in trouble, how much that does for you. i mean, you know, i told you before on the show, it is better than a job. it's better than winning a lottery. there are no words to describe how it feels to step out of yourself, your troubles, your
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problems and go help somebody else that needs it. >> anything that was interesting and i think susie probably feels the same way. i know she does. it has nothing to do with anything other than the decision to get outside yourself. with that said, and you want to do cards here? you can raise your hand if you really like your idea. [inaudible] >> what's that? we do it prices its areata really likes your idea. that's a different thing. teach a marketable skill. >> love it. >> does it get a price? >> is that if it wasn't your idea, if you want to do that. >> i have and hand. >> where are you? [applause] were you? this is yours. it is your pillow. comment claim it. >> now i like this idea, but i
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just worry about -- [inaudible] >> yeah, what about the internet. >> libraries are still used during the time that the internet. >> what to do at the library? >> you come in use at -- >> as a resource in a community center. >> i love it. >> good, that's why have you. >> i would volunteer to young boys who do not death, males raised by young mothers who works in the susceptible to lives of crime, et cetera. >> savanna queen. where's susanna? thank you. whenever you get to your, the pillow review. awaits you.
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>> is the last card i thought. >> we are going to leave it at that. >> enjoy your evening. thank you very much. >> we have one surprise we didn't tell arianna about. and it's not the helicopters. the president has not been speaking out. i'm going to celebrate a big birthday. let's all sing happy birthday to areata. [singing happy birthday] [cheers and applause] plenty of food and drink -- and cake. [inaudible


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